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WebSpider 2 Übersicht

WebSpider 2 is a freeware website mirroring software that allows to download a copy of an entire website. All pieces that make up the website (like text, images, video, etc) are downloaded from the remote server and stored locally. WebSpider tries to create this local copy as acurate as possible so that it can serve as a mirror of the website.

In this process, WebSpider downloads a web page, analyses its content and extracts all links to other pages. These pages are then also downloaded, analysed and so on until the entire web site is copied to the local disc. Different constraints can limit WebSpider to a sub area of a larger web site to avoid downloading too many web pages that are of no interest to the user.

The simple and intuitive user interface allows to quickly create a copy of a web site — even for novice users.

You can download WebSpider for free and use it even for comercial purpose out of charge.